Kynesyn’s Syzygy

Kynesyn’s Syzygy

Help the people of Earth restore alignment and balance to our Solar System in this intriguing, exciting and strategic game with a classic feel.

The imbalance caused things to go out of whack. Your help is needed to put things back. Keep an eye on your energy and/or time before they run out! The game is fun and easy to play. Your goal is to lock in important celestial bodies to realign our solar system. Make progress by sliding runes to form patterns which actives them. Activated runes gain more points, time, energy and defeat pending hazards.

The game has three fun and challenging variations which are:

• Energy – Each action takes a small bit of energy to perform. Finish the realignment before the energy runs out. Matching runes adds energy.
• Time – Quick the clock is ticking! Finish the realignment before time runs out. Matching runes adds time.
• Space – The easiest of the three variations. You have all the space needed to complete the realignment. You may however end with a negative score.

Top Features:

• All new game!
• Classic game play!
• Three Different Variations
• 3 Skill Levels of Difficulty
• Good clean fun for all ages!

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